Find your "Writer's Hour"

And then Protect it as if your life depended on it

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When I started writing I was so smitten by it that I started doing many things at once. I started reading books about writing. Repeated in my mind the famous sentences I stumbled upon. Would pick up a pen and start writing whenever the inspiration struck me. And for a brief period of time, I even started getting up early in the morning and penning my thoughts first thing in the day.

And the results started showing up.

The traffic started coming on my personal blogging site. My Medium Write-ups started gaining an audience. I got published in a couple of online journals. And for the first time in my life, I started getting an appreciation for something that was my own.

The Writer’s Hour.

Earlier when I used to find some free time, I would spend it browsing the internet or catching up on yet another episode on Netflix. But with this newfound love for writing, I started using that time to pen my thoughts. So much that I started getting up in the morning to write.

There is a magic in the morning.

I realized this when I started getting up in the morning. It is an unusual feeling. When you get up at the usual hours, you are already programmed to do stuff that you have been doing all your life. Freshen up, get ready, run for office/school. After years of conditioning, our minds are trained to zone out everything else but these task of getting ready for the day ahead. And that continues throughout the day. Creativity can’t grow in such environment.

You wake up when the whole world is asleep. When the sun is still hours away from showing up and steal the greyness of the world away. When everything is so quiet, so still, only you moving in this world. You are unique in those moments. And you start feeling this stillness, around you — a calming effect — and soon this stillness finds a way to within you, to the deepest part of your core — your Soul.

In these days of constant chatter and hustle, constant ringing and notifications, this stillness is precious and powerful. So overpowering that you will at once start liking this stillness. It starts speaking to you. Your jaded mind is calmed. Your stressed thoughts relieved. And you feel light, lighter than the air. You are overcome with this amazing feeling of you can do things that you’ve never done.

I would write and write and write.

For an hour or two at least.

Writing stories, poems and a little bit of everything at

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