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  • Saifuddin Shaik

    Saifuddin Shaik

    Curious & dream to live.

  • missreneeonlife


    Honest, sometimes serious; sometimes goofy ramblings of a woman with slightly-tinted rose colored glasses. 🤓 Happy wife, ecstatic mom & grandma. 🥰

  • Just B

    Just B

    I write my story every day. Bruised and broken? Not me! Just like a lotus I bloom from the mud and show my beautiful colors.

  • Desher Hyland

    Desher Hyland

    She is my whole world. I write for Marina.

  • Ashley Lorelle

    Ashley Lorelle

    Writer, designer, gamer, singer, marketer. Woman of the twenty-first century. Media witch.

  • Heather Donnachie

    Heather Donnachie

  • Sarina Frazier

    Sarina Frazier

  • Hailey Jones

    Hailey Jones

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