Welcome to the "Fakebook" Journalism

Brought to you by its biggest distributor — Facebook

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Power of Incentive.

Incentives govern human behaviour. From the moment we wake up in the morning till the time we close our eyes to sleep, it is the incentive that decides and dictates every act, every decision we make.

Fake Journalism on Facebook = Fakebook Journalism.

Facebook don’t incentivise people to do objective reporting. Facebook rewards stories with most activity — most likes, and comments and shares. So once people figured out the incentive structure, they promptly responded by providing more content with a "potential" to be shared. Rather than that brought out the truth.

The News Content Platform — Medium vs Facebook

No market can be a completely free market unless it deals only with commodities where the quality points are etched in stone. Otherwise, we need a regulatory agency which polices the quality and delivery of the products. And Facebook News Market is like this — without proper regulation and perverse incentives its effort to create a powerful Facebook Journalism into a low-standard Fakebook Journalism.

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